Storms claim Raiders’ scoreboard

By Maurice Patton

Paul Lamm wasn’t surprised by the phone call he received Monday morning regarding the status of his baseball field at Spring Hill.

Winds from Sunday’s storms across the Middle Tennessee area resulted in the destruction of the baseball scoreboard at Spring Hill High School. (Submitted photo)

Sunday’s storms blew over the scoreboard that had been situated beyond the outfield fence since 2008.

“That was one of the first major upgrades I made when I got here,” the 14-year veteran Raiders coach said. “That thing has gone through a lot worse. (The wind) must have caught it just right.

“We’ve dealt with quite a bit of damage. The worst was when the dugout roof was flipped off on the visitors’ side in 2011.”

The scoreboard was the only damage sustained this weekend by the field, which underwent some improvements prior to the pandemic-shortened 2020 season.

“Ironically, we were admiring Siegel’s scoreboard at our last preseason game. It’s got (pitch speed), pitch count,” Lamm said.

The coach said about $10,000 was spent on the Spring Hill scoreboard when it was installed 12 years ago.

“The cost of new ones? We haven’t had to look into it, but I’ve heard that price hasn’t changed too drastically,” he said. “Hopefully our insurance is going to cover it.”

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