#IfThen: Playoff scenarios for local teams becoming clear

By Chris Yow

With the news that Summit will not play its final region game against Lincoln County on Friday, the Spartans locked up the Region 5-5A top seed after playing just two region games on the field.

Summit will now host the No. 4 seed from Region 6-5A, which will be either Hunters Lane, Hillsboro or Hillwood.

  • If Hillsboro wins (vs. Hunters Lane) AND/OR Hillwood loses (vs. Beech), the Spartans would play Hillwood.
  • If Hillwood wins AND Hillsboro loses, the Spartans would then get Hunters Lane.
  • If Hillsboro loses AND Hillwood loses, the Spartans would get Hillsboro.

Other teams from Region 5-5A fighting for a spot are Columbia Central, Page and Franklin County. Page is scheduled to play at Franklin County, with Columbia Central scheduled to play at Shelbyville. Lincoln County is eliminated.

Here are the scenarios:

  • If Page wins: 1. Summit, 2. Shelbyville, 3. Page, 4. Columbia Central
  • If Franklin County wins and Columbia loses: 1. Summit, 2. Shelbyville, 3. Franklin County, 4. Page
  • If Franklin County wins and Columbia wins: 1. Summit, 2. Shelbyville, 3. Columbia Central, 4. Franklin County

The situation in Region 6-6A is also somewhat murky. Independence hosts Ravenwood on Friday, while Brentwood takes on visiting Centennial. The 4-spot is wrapped up by Franklin.

  • If Independence wins: 1. Indy, 2. Brentwood, 3. Ravenwood
  • If Ravenwood wins, Brentwood wins: 1. Brentwood, 2. Ravenwood, 3. Indy
  • If Ravenwood wins, Brentwood loses: 1. Ravenwood, 2. Indy, 3. Brentwood

Region 4-4A is rather clear, with Week 11 games determining seeding 2-4. Tullahoma has the top spot secured. Nolensville plays Marshall County with the winner getting the No. 2 seed and the loser No. 3. Spring Hill and Lawrence County will play for the No. 4 seed.

For Region 5-1A, Richland can play its way into the postseason with a win. Fayetteville is the region champion, Moore County is No. 2. A Richland win over Huntland would leave the Hornets on the outside with Cornersville getting the 3-seed. A Richland loss means Huntland is 3, Cornersville is 4.

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