Making over ‘The Mount’: MPHS first Maury school to get turf

Rendering of the turf project at Mount Pleasant.

SM-Tn Sports

MOUNT PLEASANT — Officials at Mount Pleasant High School confirmed to Southern Middle Tennessee Sports their plans to install artificial turf to their football field, complete with a track surrounding the playing surface.

Redstone Sports Construction is tentatively scheduled to take on the $1.74 million project. With a field available year-round, there are plenty of unique avenues to bring in revenue.

“I want the public to understand it’s not just a field for football. It’s about bringing the community together for all of our different events,” MPHS principal Dr. Ryan Jackson said. “This is going to be a gamechanger.”

The new turf, however, won’t be a traditional green color.

Just like Boise State’s signature blue turf, the Tigers will sport their own signature color red with royal blue accents.

Local businessman Gerald Reed has pledged $250,000 to go toward the cost of the project, while the rest of the money will be raised through fundraising efforts, including a cow patty drop on the old field surface before it is removed.

Former players and coaches have been both supportive, although some rife with jealousy.

“These kids will get to play on the best surface in the county, and won’t have to worry about getting muddy when it rains,” former lineman Harold Potts said. “We had to roll around in that mud like pigs in slop.”

According to Reed, installation will take 50 days at seven days per week. The plan is for the field to be ready by next April Fools Day.

This is a work of satire. Any real identities used in this story were used with permission, while other names and identities were created. Share with your friends and let them in on some good, clean fun!

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