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The Rundown: April 5, 2021

Friday Results

Columbia Acad. 16 Chattanooga Central 0
Columbia Acad. 10, Gadsden City 3
Madison (IN) 7, Eagleville 4
Eagleville 12, Sequatchie 2
Fayetteville 8, Blackford (IN) 3
Beech 5, Franklin Co. 0
Smith Co. 4, Huntland 2
Hardin Co. 8, Lawrence Co. 0
Rockvale 8, Tullahoma 5
Shelbyville 6, Wilson Central 3
Hampshire 4, Franklin Chr. 2
Franklin Chr. 8, Hampshire 3
Richland 9, Huntland 0
Spring Hill 13, Centennial 2
Dickson Co. 2, Montgomery Central 2
Independence 8, Columbia 3
Dekalb Co. 7, Community 6
Community 8, BGA 4
Forrest 8, Page 7
Coffee County 4, Loretto 1
Tullahoma 5, Loretto 1
Ravenwood 7, Nolensville 2
Nashville Chr. 5, Fairview 4
Zion Chr. 10, Glencliff 5
Zion Chr. 7, Glencliff 5 (6 inn.)

Loretto 10, Wilson (AL) 1
Sullivan East 13, Grace Chr. 0
Cornersville 8, Mt. Pleasant 3
Summertown 8, White House Heritage 0
Nolensville 2, Summertown 0
McNairy Central 6, Franklin 3
Ravenwood 6, Goodpasture 1
Columbia Acad. 4, Blackman 1
Columbia Acad. 3, Green Hill 2
Columbia 4, Zion Chr. 3

Saturday Results
Pigeon Forge 8, Giles Co. 2
Columbia Acad. 9, Signal Mtn. 4
Blackman 11, Coffee Co. 1
Brentwood 12, Riverdale 6
Smyrna 7, Franklin Co. 6
Coffee County 2, Rossview 1
Eagleville 9, Nolensville 3
Fayetteville 3, Nolensville 2
Knights Acad. 13, Franklin Co. 0
Hartselle (AL) 13, Shelbyville 0
Shelbyville 9, Summit 3
Fairview 10, Santa Fe 8
Fairview 13, Santa Fe 9
Ravenwood 12, Columbia 3
Community 7, Smith Co. 2
Community 11, Cascade 1
Loretto 21, Section (AL) 10
Hardin Co. 7, Lawrence Co. 2
Brentwood 5, Munford 0
Collierville 12, Tullahoma 4
Battle Ground Acad. 17, Huntland 4
Greater Gwinnett Chr. (Ga.) 7, Columbia Acad. 4
Zion Chr. 22, RIverside Chr. 0

Walker Valley 7, Summit 0
Station Camp 22, Franklin Co. 0
Summertown 4, Lexington 0
Summertown 5, Page 0
Columbia Acad. 7, Stewarts Creek 2
Columbia Acad. 1, Ravenwood 0
Cornersville 15, Zion Chr. 0
Zion Chr. 3, Cornersville 0

Monday schedule
Frank Hughes at Loretto*, 4 p.m. (DH)
Hampshire at McEwen, 4:30 p.m. (DH)
Culleoka at Santa Fe*, 5 p.m.
Zion Chr. at Providence Chr.*, 5 p.m.
Tullahoma at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.
Richland at Mt. Pleasant*, 6 p.m.
Summertown at Colllinwood*, 6 p.m.
Centennial at Spring Hill*, 6:30 p.m.
Franklin Road Acad. at Columbia Acad.*, 6:30 p.m.
Independence at Summit*, 6:30 p.m.

Zion Chr. at Mt. Pleasant, 1 p.m.
Culleoka at Community, 5 p.m.
Frank Hughes at Richland, 5 p.m. (DH)
Independence at Dickson Co.*, 5:30 p.m.
Coffee Co. at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.
Loretto at Columbia Acad., 6 p.m.
Columbia Central at Franklin Co.*, 6:30 p.m.

Area sports upcoming


Frank Hughes at Loretto*, 4 p.m. (DH)
Hampshire at McEwen, 4:30 p.m. (DH)
Culleoka at Santa Fe*, 5 p.m.
Zion Chr. at Providence Chr.*, 5 p.m.
Tullahoma at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.
Richland at Mt. Pleasant*, 6 p.m.
Summertown at Colllinwood*, 6 p.m.
Centennial at Spring Hill*, 6:30 p.m.
Franklin Road Acad. at Columbia Acad.*, 6:30 p.m.
Independence at Summit*, 6:30 p.m.


Zion Chr. at Mt. Pleasant, 1 p.m.
Culleoka at Community, 5 p.m.
Frank Hughes at Richland, 5 p.m. (DH)
Independence at Dickson Co.*, 5:30 p.m.
Coffee Co. at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.
Loretto at Columbia Acad., 6 p.m.
Columbia Central at Franklin Co.*, 6:30 p.m.


Columbia Acad. at Franklin Road Acad.*, 4:30 p.m.
Collinwood at Summertown*, 5 p.m.
Providence Chr. at Zion Chr.*, 5 p.m.
Santa Fe at Culleoka*, 5 p.m.
Mt. Pleasant at Richland*, 5:30 p.m.
Columbia Central at Lincoln Co.*, 6 p.m.
Lawrence Co. at Tullahoma*, 6 p.m.
Dickson Co. at Independence*, 6:30 p.m.
Summit at Spring Hill*, 6:30 p.m.


Zion Chr. at Riverside Chr., 4 p.m.
Middle Tenn. Chr. at Columbia Acad.*, 5 p.m.
Summertown at Perry Co.*, 6 p.m.
Summit at Franklin*, 6 p.m.
Wayne Co. at Loretto*, 6 p.m.
Coffee Co. at Columbia Central*, 6:30 p.m.

Boys soccer

Spring Hill at Fayetteville, 5 p.m.
Adamsville at Loretto*, 6 p.m.
Marshall Co. at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.
Independence at Franklin*, 6:30 p.m.
Richland at East Hickman*, 7 p.m.
Summit at Brentwood*, 7 p.m.


Union City at Summertown, 4 p.m.
Lincoln Co. at Columbia Central*, 6 p.m.


Lawrence Co. at Columbia Acad., 4 p.m.
Mt. Pleasant vs. Middle Tenn. Chr., 5:15 p.m. at Summertown
Independence at Dickson Co.*, 6:30 p.m.
Spring Hill at Summit*, 6:30 p.m.
Middle Tenn. Chr. at Summertown, 7:30 p.m.
Culleoka at Lawrence Co., 8 p.m.
Richland vs. Wayne Co., TBA at Lawrence Co.
Santa Fe vs. Northwest, 4:30 p.m. at Middle Tenn. Invitational
Santa Fe vs. Harpeth, 6:30 p.m. at Middle Tenn. Invitational


Columbia Acad. at Christ Presbyterian Acad.*, 4:30 p.m.
Summit at Independence*, 5 p.m.
Fayetteville at Richland, 6 p.m.
Lawrence Co. at Tullahoma*, 6 p.m.
Loretto at Summertown*, 6 p.m.

Boys soccer

Columbia Acad. at Hickman Co., 6 p.m.
Murfreesboro Central at Lawrence Co.*, 6 p.m.


Columbia Acad. vs. Union City, 4 p.m. at Lawrence Co.
Lewis Co. at Summertown, 4 p.m.
Battle Ground Acad. at Zion Chr., 4:30 p.m. (DH)
Santa Fe vs. Northwest, 4:30 at Middle Tenn. Invitational
Siegel at Independence, 6 p.m.
Mt. Pleasant vs. Collinwood, 6:15 p.m. at Summertown
Spring Hill at Loretto, 6:30 p.m.
Summit at Columbia Central, 6:30 p.m.
Richland vs. Collinwood, TBA at Lawrence Co.
Culleoka at Summertown/Lawrenceburg Tournament, TBA


Eagleville at Richland, 2 p.m.
Zion Chr. at Battle Ground Acad.*, 4:30 p.m.
Columbia Central at Marshall Co., 5:30 p.m.
Columbia Acad., Independence, Spring Hill, Summertown, Summit at Raptor Classic, Ravenwood

Boys soccer

Spring Hill at Independence, 5 p.m.
Decatur Co. Riverside at Loretto*, 6 p.m.
Richland at Fayetteville, 6 p.m.
Middle Tenn. Fire at Summit, 7 p.m.


Richland at Lawrence Co., 11 a.m.
Independence at Columbia Central, 12 noon
Columbia Acad. at Donelson Chr., 1 p.m.
Wayne Co. at Lawrence Co., 1:15 p.m.
Culleoka at Summertown/Lawrenceburg Tournament, TBA
Santa Fe at Middle Tenn. Invitational, TBA


Franklin Road Acad. at Zion Chr.*, 2 p.m.
Loretto at Cornersville, 5 p.m. (DH)
Columbia Acad., Independence, Spring Hill, Summertown, Summit at Raptor Classic, Ravenwood

‘Long road’ for Zion’s Keyser following Friday collision

By Maurice Patton

Zion Christian sophomore Jaron Keyser remains hospitalized, awaiting surgery following a collision with a teammate during Friday’s baseball doubleheader against Glencliff that left him with a series of fractured facial bones.

“He’ll be at (Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt) for two weeks, they think,” Eagles coach Jon McDonald said Saturday. “He’ll have a surgery, and they’ll give him a couple of days, and he’ll have another surgery. They’re going to wire his mouth shut.

“He won’t be back at school.”

Jaron Keyser, a sophomore member of the Zion Christian football, basketball and baseball teams, will undergo a couple of facial surgeries soon after suffering fractures to his jaw and eye sockets when he and a teammate collided during a Friday game. (Courtesy photo by Matthew White)

Keyser, a three-sport athlete, was chasing a foul popup from his catcher position when he collided with first baseman Kade Montgomery. Montgomery’s knee struck Keyser in the face, resulting in a gash below his lower lip and fractures in his eye sockets and jaw.

“They said his nose is fine,” McDonald said. “They put a neck brace on him as a precaution, but his neck is fine, his spine is fine, his brain is fine. Everything should be fine. It’s just going to take some time for him to heal.

“Right now, they’re waiting for some swelling to go down.”

Keyser’s recovery time is expected to be about 2½ months, which could jeopardize his return for football season.

“He’s in good spirits,” McDonald said. “He’s relaxed. He knows it’s going to be a long road.”

Playing without Keyser, Zion Christian defeated visiting Riverside Christian 22-0 Saturday. Dylan Samuel went 4-for-4 with three RBIs, Dillon Runions drove in five runs on a pair of hits and each scored three times to lead the Eagles offensively.

Eagles pick up costly sweep of twinbill vs. visiting Glencliff

By Maurice Patton

COLUMBIA — It was his first day as a high school catcher, his second game, his 13th inning.

And for Zion Christian sophomore Jaron Keyser, everything was going well – until it wasn’t.

With the Eagles nursing a two-run lead in the second game of Friday’s doubleheader against visiting Glencliff, Keyser and senior first baseman Kade Montgomery were pursuing a foul popup off the bat of Connor Gilkey.

As the teammates closed in on the ball, Keyser dove and was struck in the face by Montgomery’s right knee. Montgomery flipped, went airborne and somehow completed the catch.

Keyser landed, face down, motionless.

Colts first-base coach Steve Cherrico reached Keyser first, then immediately motioned for the Zion coaching staff to come to his aid.

Both staffs tended to Keyser, before he was eventually helped to his feet and off the field. He sustained a gash below his lower lip, caused by his teeth on impact, and was transported to Maury Regional Medical Center for evaluation. From there, he was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and was expected to undergo surgery to repair fractures to his eye sockets and jaw.

“You’ve got two competitors, trying to make a play,” second-year Zion Christian coach Jon McDonald said after his team held on for a 7-5, six-inning victory to sweep the twinbill. “Kade hyperextended his knee. I don’t know how he held onto the ball.

“Jaron’s teeth went through his lip. He’s got some broken facial bones. I think the guys rallied and finished the game for him. It’s crazy how games go.”

Primarily a pitcher/shortstop, Keyser had volunteered to go behind the plate Friday to give Chris Clauss a break. In the two games – Zion won the opener 10-5 – he threw out three would-be basestealers along with a back-pick at second base and recorded an out on a play at the plate.

“He played lights-out,” McDonald said.

Like Keyser, the Eagles (5-5) had their ups and downs throughout the day. After breaking open the early contest with a six-run fourth inning and taking an eight-run cushion into the final frame, Glencliff put up three runs in its final at-bat.

The second contest, scheduled for five innings, followed a similar script. As the ‘visiting’ team, Zion scored two runs in the top of the first and two in the second, with the Colts (2-6) getting single runs in each frame. Clauss’ RBI double in the fourth made it a 5-2 game, but Glencliff scored three in the bottom to force a deadlock – and, eventually, extra innings – before Dillan Runions and Montgomery each drove in sixth-inning runs.

“I told them between games the errors we made at the end lead to extra pitches,” McDonald said. “This time of year, with six games in three days, you’re trying to keep kids under their pitch counts. We made errors, mistakes that we should have been out of innings.”

Glencliff coach Brad Weeks had a similar assessment of his team.

“We hit the ball hard, but right at them,” said Weeks, whose Metro Nashville squad is comprised primarily of students from Valor Collegiate, with which Glencliff has a co-op agreement through the TSSAA. “We had another inning where we blew up. We just hope, with the mental mistakes, we’ll turn the corner.”

For Zion, that corner got a bit farther away with Friday’s turn of events.

“We had eight players last year. We’ve got 19 this year,” McDonald said. “It’s good that we’re growing the program and getting guys (to come) out, for times like this.

“Jaron was going to pitch (Saturday). I guess it’s back to the drawing board now.”

Zion Chr. 10, Glencliff 5

Glc 000 200 3 – 5 7 6
ZCA 001 621 x – 10 7 3

Zac McCreary, Arthur Myers (5) and Justus Cherrico. Kade Montgomery, Wyatt Heins (6) and Jaron Keyser. W: Montgomery. L: McCreary.

Zion Chr. 7, Glencliff 5 (6 inn.)

ZCA 220 102 – 7 8 1
Glc 110 300 – 5 8 3

Dylan Samuel, Luke Perko (2) and Jaron Keyser, Chris Clauss (6). Austin Luckett, Bennett Shaver (4), Justus Cherrico (6) and Justus Cherrico, Bennett Shaver (6). W: Perko. L: Shaver.

Photos by Chris Yow / SM-Tn Sports

The Rundown: wednesday, March 31st, 2021

Tuesday Results

Lawrence County 12, Columbia Central 2
Tullahoma 10, Franklin County 1
Tullahoma 7, Franklin County 6
Fayetteville 2, Moore County 0
Lincoln County 6, Shelbyville 0
Culleoka 15, Mt. Pleasant 12
Fairview 15, Waverly 5
Franklin 4, Dickson Co. 0
Independence 12, Centennial 2
Ravenwood 9, Spring Hill 6
Brentwood 9, Summit 8
Loretto 12, Collinwood 1
Community 7, Murfreesboro Central 5
Forrest 11, Giles County 4
Nolensville 10, Marshall County 2
Summertown 14, Perry County 0
Columbia Acad. 13, CPA 2
GCA 11, MTCS 1

Columbia Central 3, Shelbyville 2
Culleoka 8, Santa Fe 2
Dickson County 9, Ravenwood 1
Spring Hill 4, Page 2
Loretto 14, Perry County 3
Columbia Acad. 5, Belgreen 1
Columbia Acad. 9, Southside 3\
Zion Chr. 18, CPA 3

Spring Hill 3, Lawrence County 0
Mars Hill Bible 6, Loretto 0
Page 5, Tullahoma 1
Brentwood 5, Independence 0

JuCo Hoops
C-State W 66, Dyersburg 62
C-State M 77, Dyersburg 69

JuCo Softball
C-state 4, SWTCC 1
C-State 5, SWTCC 2

Wednesday Schedule

Columbia Central at Lawrence Co.*, 3:30 p.m.Softball
Columbia Academy at Gulf Coast Classic, Gulf Shores (Ala.)

‘Dawgs avenge loss, split series with district rival CPA Lions

SM-Tn Sports

Richie Estep was pleased with his team’s response Tuesday.

Following its first loss of the season on a Monday trip to Christ Presbyterian Academy, Columbia Academy bounced back and scored in three of four at-bats – including a nine-run second inning – to claim a 13-2, five-inning victory over the visiting Lions.

Four different Bulldogs had two hits in the 11-hit attack, with Tyler Stephens doubling twice and Kavares Tears adding a two-run two-bagger in the second to help break the game open against CPA starter Jack Jennings.

Kavares Tears doubled home a pair of runs during a nine-run second inning Tuesday as Columbia Academy defeated CPA 13-2 in five innings, offsetting a 7-4 district loss Monday to the Lions. (Video by Maurice Patton / SM-Tn Sports)

“I told them, a lot of teams don’t respond like that,” Estep said, mindful of CA’s 7-4 loss Monday. “It goes the other way. You have a tough emotional loss, you feel like you should have won that one – a lot of teams have a hangover.

“It says a lot about their character, how they came back. I didn’t think that was going to happen. (CPA is) a good team, a good hitting team. We just kept having good ABs every time, making it hard. It was nice.”

Bryant Beranek scattered five hits and struck out five in five innings, allowing a pair of unearned runs as the hosts made an uncharacteristic five errors but improved to 8-1 (5-1 Division II-A District 3).

CPA (6-4-1, 3-1) scored in the top of the first, but the ‘Dawgs answered with a pair in the bottom of the inning on a Lions error and a Damon Toombs squeeze bunt before turning the tide in their next at-bat – sending 13 batters to the plate in the second.

Tanner Ham and Cade Crouthemal had two hits apiece in the victory, with Ham, Tears, Stephens and Landon Prentice each scoring twice.

Jennings allowed seven hits and nine runs – all earned – in 1 1/3 innings to take the loss for CPA.

Columbia Academy resumes play Thursday, participating in the Chattanooga Central Invitational.

Columbia Acad. 13, Christ Presbyterian Acad. 2 (5 inn.)

CP 100 10 – 2 5 1
CA 292 0x – 13 11 5

Jack Jennings, Will Stringfield (2), Easton Dillard (3) and Cade Law. Bryant Beranek and Max Ballard. W: Beranek. L: Jennings.